Every year, La Cañada Council PTA and First District PTA award scholarships to graduating seniors who demonstrate a commitment to community service and engagement, leadership and personal responsibility.

First District Commemorative Scholarship

The First District PTA Commemorative Scholarship Fund was established to commemorate First District PTA volunteers who were long-time, dedicated child advocates and whose tireless efforts contributed greatly to the benefit of students, parents and schools within the geographic area of First District PTA. 

Commemorative scholarships are awarded to acknowledge graduating high school students who have achievements, service and involvement in the following areas:







First District PTA encourages applications reflective of students who have: a minimum GPA of 2.0; worked diligently and to the best of their academic abilities; displayed good citizenship in a positive manner; been involved in school and community activities: and held an after school, part-time or summer job, and/or managed extra home responsibilities. 

Applications for this scholarship award will be forwarded to a La Cañada Council PTA scholarship selection committee, where one finalist will be chosen and submitted to the First District PTA selection committee for consideration at the First District level.


The scholarship application packet must include the following completed documents in the following order:

1.   Scholarship Application Form

2.   PTA membership confirmation, which can be purchased and printed from the LCHS PTSA website at under “my account”.  Applicants must be a member of the LCHS PTSA for at least 30 days prior to applying.

3.   Student Personal Statement – response to prompt questions, which are contained in the application.  Preferred in PDF.  Maximum of 500 words total.  The Statement must include the word count.

4.   Completed Reference Form with Letter of Recommendation

5.   Copy of High School Transcript

In addition, Senior student applicants must be:

Application submission deadline is March TBD, 2024. There will be no exceptions made for late submissions. Submit your application to the La Canada Council PTA President, Kelly Davis at If you have any questions about the application, please contact Kelly Davis.