Founders Day

The Founders Day celebration was created in 1910 by National PTA to honor its three founders as well as past and present PTA leaders.

La Cañada Council PTA uses Founders Day as an opportunity to reaffirm the mission of the PTA to engage and empower families and communities to advocate for all children. Each year, at a spring reception, all five La Cañada PTA units, along with La Cañada Council PTA, give Honorary Service Awards to individuals and organizations that go “above and beyond” in supporting our schools and our students.

You may submit a nomination here This year's nomination deadline is January 8, 2021. Please contact Jamie Abrahamian with any questions. at

This year's award ceremony will either be held via Zoom or at LCHS depending on the situation.

2021 Winners

La Cañada Council: Caroline Anderson, La Canada Tech Team, Sue Price, Wendy Sinnette, Sugi Sorensen

Paradise Canyon Elementary: Danielle Celestino, Natascha Gundersen, Caren Saiet, Pam Watts

Palm Crest Elementary: Kelly Hu, Ricardo Mendoza, Joan Patterson, Omar Torres, Jennifer Wolpert

La Cañada Elementary:

La Cañada High School 7/8: Kevin Crain, Allison Dalbeck, Lori Geuvjehizian, Valerie Gochez-Frasch Tracey Nelson

La Cañada High School: Brent Beaty, Maribeth Henry & Harrison, Justin Luthey, Jack MacKenzie, Tamar Tujian

2020 Winners

La Cañada Council: Esther Kornfeld, Dr. Elizabeth Krider, Brent Kuszyk, Anthony Portantino

Paradise Canyon Elementary: Effie Edwards, Anna Galante, Carrie Hetzel, Danni Remender, Valerie Talbert, Stephanie Weber

Palm Crest Elementary: Lara Berdahl, Lidia Camoosa, Joyce Mayne, Amy Tsai, Chloris Turner

La Cañada Elementary: Joanna Banks, Christina Conwell, Annette Fuelling, Tiffany Petroc, Monica Ratliff

La Cañada High School 7/8: Ana Bever, Yanick Henry-Ednwards, Deputy Sheriff Eric Matejka, Julie Miyamoto, Andrea Vacheron, Samantha Wright

La Cañada High School: Kelly Armaly, Alice Hastings, Maria Videla-Juniel, Bill Lively, Jeremy & Julie Milbrodt, Rachel Zooi, Sun R. Chung

2019 Winners

La Cañada Council: Betsy Asher Hall, Dan Jeffries, Melissa Mazin

Paradise Canyon Elementary: Holly Breckheimer, Carlo Cesario, Karen Clark, Mikki Weightman, Kristen Brown, Linda Dunlop

Palm Crest Elementary: Sharon Anderson, Megan Broberg, Evelyn Harris, Kristin McDaniel, Brandon Norman

La Cañada Elementary: Sonik Arutyunyan, Julie Bae, Lee Chumo, Jennifer Crocker, Cathy Kleineahlbrandt, Andrea Redecker

La Cañada High School 7/8: Megan Dever, Asiya Hasan, Shannon Ortiz, Caren Saiet

La Cañada High School: Laura Deans, Frances DeLgatty, Judy Rivon, Susan Moore, Justin Valassidis

2018 Winners

La Cañada Council: Stephanie Fossan, Josh Epstein, Soo Kim Choi, Kelly McWilliams

Paradise Canyon Elementary: Sheridan Sanders, Heather Lhotka, Amber Franklin, Jenni Swanson, Mr. Hajek, Linda Hada

Palm Crest Elementary: Rachel Harter, Mariana Valederhaug, Brian Parker, Jamie Abrahamian, Sean Hunt, Jerry Cradduck

La Cañada Elementary: Whitney Worster, Angela Deno, Mary Perkins, Suzanne Jensen, Octavia Thuss, Laura Johnson

La Cañada High School 7/8: Paul Kim, Joanne Park Smith, Shelby Loder-Grey, K.C. Matthews, Lina Hanriz

La Cañada High School: Chris Roberts, Bob Husen, Natalie Keyuimdjian, Mike Kauffman, Lori Moody, David Haxton

2017 Winners

La Cañada Council: Mark Evans, Ellen Multari, Deborah Weirick

Paradise Canyon Elementary: Melissa Corrente, Archana Kodancha, Danna Lesko, Angela Marchetti, Nina Ries, Jenny Kazak

Palm Crest Elementary: Lola Dietrich, Deb Parker, Beth Shupper, Tony Villavicencio, Judi Healey

La Cañada Elementary: Sheri Burns, Dale Freyberger, Andy Klemmer, Rose Park, Elaine Sample

La Cañada High School 7/8: Jarrett Gold, Serafina Kenwood, Denise Norman, Carrie Saks, Ellen Portantino

La Cañada High School: Sarah Beattie, Victor Torres, Sonja Bradley, Christie Clarkson, Laura Strametz