Why Join PTA?

Why join PTA?

What’s the benefit of becoming a PTA member?

For just ten dollars each year, PTA membership demonstrates that you support your child and your school. PTA has a critical voice at the table in the La Cañada Unified School District, as well as in Sacramento and Washington, D.C., where PTA is the most powerful parent advocacy organization in the country. A solid membership base demonstrates La Cañada Council PTA’s message that our parents are invested in their children and schools. PTA membership gives you a voice at the table.

Where does PTA membership money go?

About half of the annual membership fee is passed along PTA channels to support the work of the organization in our district, as well as at the state and national level. The other half of the fee stays with your school PTA, to support membership activities, programs and much more.

I have students in different schools. Does my PTA membership cover them all?

No. Each PTA membership supports your student at their one specific school. If you have students in more than one school, we encourage you to become a PTA member at each. By doing so, you’re making sure all of them can benefit from your support.

I don’t have time to volunteer, so why should I join PTA?

Becoming a PTA member and volunteering are two different things! You don’t have to volunteer if you join PTA – but you are more than welcome to get involved. Whether you have an hour a day or just a few hours each year, volunteering with other parents shows teachers and administrators that LCUSD families are partners, and it demonstrates to your students that you’re invested in their education. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other parents and strengthen our school community.

You’ve convinced me; how do I become a PTA member?

Visit your school’s PTA website (see links above) to purchase your membership online. Check the website calendars to see when the next PTA meeting at your school is scheduled.